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The Floating Continent

About me

Alex Petros is a writer and software engineer from Miami, Florida. He currently lives in New York City. His website is a work-in-progress.

Disabling JavaScript

This website contains very little JavaScript. This is not because I dislike JavaScript (I actually think it's very good at what it does) but because I believe you deserve to have spaces on the web that do you nothing more than what you asked from them. Most likely you came here to read words on a screen, so I will give you that and only that. I occasionally use embeds or interactive features, but if you would like to disable JavaScript your experience on this website should be near-identical.

Link Rot

Circumstances permitting, I am committed to maintaining the links to the homepage and the blog posts. So is safe to link to, but might change.


I have done my best to use semantically-appropriate HTML that meets web accessibility standards. If you use assitive technology to access this website and there is something I can do to improve that experience, please reach out.